Free Pattern and Free Content Questions

How to access Free Pattern ?

All free patterns are classified in the store, category Free Patterns.
To receive them just put them in your basket and validate the order, there will be nothing to pay and you will have direct access to the patterns.
This method was the easyest for me and I hope it will work best for you too 😉

Do I have to enter my real information to access the free patterns ?

In order to complete your « order » and download free patterns, you must create a customer account on the site.
You do not have to fill in your personal information, you can use a nickname but I advise you to use your email address to access your customer account at any time and so future free gifts that I put online.

Can I use your pattern for other dolls than Minifee ?

My patterns are optimized for Minifee Moe-Line and Active-Line, but they can be used for all slim MSD like Unoa, Narae, …

Will you offer other size free patterns ?

I have no plans for other dolls sizes for now.

Can I use your patterns to make gift clothes ?

Yes you can use my patterns to make gift clothes for your friends and family. I know I can’t keep an eye on everyone but please don’t use my free patterns to make clothes for sell.

What will be the next free patterns ?

Surprise 😉

When will the next free patterns available ?

I offer a new free patterns at each important goals on instagram, like 100 subscribers, 500 subscribers …
You just have to take a look at my subscribers to have an idea of when I will release it 😉
Actually the next step will be 500 subscribers !
You want more patterns faster ? Subscribe to my instagram account and invite your friends too 😉

May I suggest a Pattern ?

Yes, Sure ! I’m always open to suggestion 🙂 You can drop me a message on my instagram account or in comments of one of my blog post 😉

Did you offer anything else than Patterns ?

Yes, go check the Freebies and you will find free stuff like template to make your own shopping bags, small books ready to print, …
Those are bonus gift, no goals to reach to offer them ! I just offer them when I have the idea 😉

I made somethings with your free patterns/freebies, do you want to see it ?

It’s a BIG YES ! Don’t hesitate to send me pictures of your dolls using my freebies and patterns, I will be really happy to add them to the Happy Gallery !
You can also tag me on instagram using #narcissebjdfree and @narcissebjd like this I will see your creations 🙂

Sales Questions

Will you offer patterns to purchase ?

For now nothing is sure, but I hope I can offer exclusive patterns at low prices provided with a complete sewing guide and patterns of knitting or crochet.
The best is to subscribe to my instagram account to be kept informed of the evolution of the site and my projects 🙂

May I use your patterns for commercial purpose?

I’m offering those patterns for personnal use only, you can’t use it to make clothes for sell.
I propose really basic patterns that everyone can use, even beginner, if you want to make clothes for sell, I suggest you to try to make more complicated clothes with details etc or you will have hard time selling your clothes 😉

Did you sell clothes you made ?

Yes sometimes I sell clothes already made but only on my instagram account.

Did you take commission for patterns or clothes?

I’m sorry but no, I have health issue and I never know when I will feel too bad to do anything, this is why I don’t want to take commission.

Print Issue and Other Questions

When I print my patterns the 1cm box don’t have the right size, could you help me?

All my pattern are made to be printed in A4 paper size 100% Be sure to check your printers settings and verify that
On Mac the printers setting is always set at anoter size … !!
On Windows PC if you print the pattern with the « photo » printers, the size will always be wrong. Try to print the PDF with a PDF reader like Adobe PDF or Foxit Reader.

About Me Questions

What’s wrong with you?

!!! Nothing !!!
I have health issue due to a thyroid operation. After years and years of trying different kind of treatment and trying to have a normal life, my body gives up and I was really out !
We searched for several months what could hurt me (fatigue, muscle pain, inflammation, …) without finding an answer.
Finally a doctor, I can not thank enough, was able to put a name to the problem, now I have to learn to live with the limitations 🙂

Did you have any BJD from other company than Fairyland ?

No, I only own BJD from Fairyland. But I have dolls from other company like Paola Reina, Cherie Corrole, Monster High, Ever After High, …
My Daugther also as a dolls from Luts 🙂

Can I buy your dolls?

Sorry but No 🙂 They are not for sell !

Can we meet in real ?

I participate to some dolls convention and dolls tea party, so if you go there too I will be really happy to meet you in real life 🙂